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Car Wreckers Adelaide- licensing requirements for car wreckers and recyclers

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If you are in the business of buying salvaged, damaged or incomplete vehicles for the purpose of using them for scrap metals or parts sale, you are required to register as a second-hand car dealer. In this case you are less likely to need a motor vehicle traders license.
There are instances that call you to have a motor car traders license. For example, if you are an auto wrecker/recycler who purchases, sells, or exchanges vehicles from or to the public, you need to have a motor car traders license. However, there are some exceptions: when the vehicle is incomplete and can never get back on the road transacting vehicle deals with a licensed motor car dealer or buying for selling vehicles at a public auction and the last owner was the government or a company that has been closed down and the cars are put up for sale by a liquidator.
You also may require a motor car traders license if you buy or sell damaged vehicles that can be repaired and returned on the road infrequently engage in vehicle trading.
As a wrecker or recycler, there is a need for you to be registered as a second-hand dealer, but there is no reason to acquire a motor car trades license if:
You buy exempt, incomplete, written off or damaged vehicles that are beyond repair and cannot get back on the road, including any scrap metal.
You buy and sell car parts.
Often, wreckers and recyclers buy vehicles that are incomplete to use them for scrap metal, sell parts to repairers and consumers, restore the car for public sale, and to sell to the public while unrestored.
If you are a wrecker or recycler and you are not sure if you need a license, there are several bodies that can give you guidance on this. There are both private and governmental institutions that you can rely on.