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January 24, 2017
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Metal Recycling in Adelaide and the processes involved in the work

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Doyou have scraps of metal lying around? From clothes hangers to an old car rusting away. Are you thinking of getting rid of these metal scraps? Well do not, rather have them recycled and stand to get some money.;

Most scrap yards accept copper, aluminium, steel, brass and iron. Here is how you can know what type of metal you have using a magnet. If the magnet sticks you have a ferrous metal like iron or steel. If it doesn’t stick it is non-ferrous like copper or brass. Ferrous metals will not earn you as much money as non-ferrous metals but are still important to recycle.

Recycling of metal is just like regular recycling and occurs in the following steps:


The metal is collected at the scrap yard. Payouts are made to you based on weight or other factors.


The metals are sorted based on what can be recycled and what cannot.


The metals are then compressed so that they occupy less space on the conveyor belts.


The compressed metal is then shredded for processing. This is important in order to minimise on energy used in processing. This is because smaller pieces of metal have a larger surface area to volume ratio.


The scrap metal is then melted in a furnace. The furnace is set to the appropriate temperature needed to melt the specific metal.


After the melting process is complete, the scrap metal is then purified. This is important as it ensures the final product is of high quality as it will be free of impurities.

Solidifying the metal

This is the last step in the recycling process. The purified metal is then cooled and solidified.

Other than earning you an extra buck, it is important to recycle metal for the following reasons;

·;;;;;;;; Recycling preserves natural resources

·;;;;;;;; It helps in reducing carbon emissions thus reducing the global warming effect

·;;;;;;;; It saves you money as the cost of metal is reduced significantly